Potentiostats that Meet Your Application Needs

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ParameterCompact SeriesN SeriesMultichannelSpecial – High VoltFloating Ground
Compliance volts
20V12V, 30V10V, 20V100V30V
System Current (max)100 mA, 400 mA, 10A800mA, 2A, 10A, 20A100 mA, 400 mA, 10A250 mA, 10A2A
ApplicationsLPR, EIS, CPT,
Concrete corrosion
testing, EIS, LPR
Hydrogen Permeation,
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Corrosion Cells that Fulfill Industrial Guidelines

ASTM Grade 1 L Corrosion Cell

  • Exposed surface area: 1 cm²
  • Sample Diameter: 16 mm
  • Sample Holder: PP
  • Seal: PTFE

Complete 400 mL Corrosion Cell

  • Exposed surface area: 0.785 cm²
  • Sample Diameter: 14mm
  • Sample Holder: POM
    Seal: Viton

Flat Corrosion Cell

  • Exposed surface area: 16.9 cm²
  • Sample Holder: PVC
  • Seal: Viton O-ring
    & 3 wing nuts


Expand your applications with additional modules

• FRA32M – Corrosion inhibitors study, research and development
• ECN – Characterization of coating failures
• pX1000 – Critical pitting temperature measurements
• MUX.Multi 4 – Sequential measurements on up to 64 cells
• Current Booster – 10 or 20 amp

Measurement and Results

Integrating over two decades of user experience, our NOVA software is designed to answer to the demands of industrial
and research users. NOVA software is equipped to insert fully automated post-data analysis commands in every predefined
procedure set-up. The drag and drop functionality allows easy operation for both basic as well as advanced users.

Product Warranty

All Metrohm Autolab instruments are backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty.